Do I have to be fit?
Definitely NOT!! The Colour Stampede is all about spending fun times with family and friends. We welcome all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Just make sure you’re wearing your happy pants!

What is included with my registration?
Everyone who registers will receive entry, a white T-shirt & some colour to throw!

Is there a special price for kids? Or are they free?
The Colour Stampede is a fundraiser for Forget Me Not with truckloads of community support, but it still costs $ to put it on. So kids aged 0-4 are free although if they want (neeeed) a T-shirt & colour to throw there is one price for all. Best snap up some Early Bird tickets while you can!
Tickets / Donate
2019 Colour Stampede - FMN Fundraiser

Are spectators free?
Excellent question! FOMO is real so of course you can come along as a spectator for free. There will be plenty of other ways you can support Forget Me Not on the day – like buying food and drinks and raffle tickets! You might want to make a tax deductible donation via Sticky Tickets when booking. People without tickets will not receive a T-shirt or colour to throw on the day.

What charity does the Colour Stampede support?
The Colour Stampede is a community fundraising event run by volunteers to support the excellent work of Australian charity Forget Me Not who work with locals in Nepal, India and Uganda to ensure children are thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity.

How did the Colour Stampede start?
The inaugural Colour Stampede was held in 2017 and organised by Hervey Bay locals Olivia Hay and Thomas Biden in their capacity as young leaders chosen for Forget Me Not’s first ever Change Agent Program in Australia. The pair travelled to Kathmandu in December 2017 to learn first hand about the implications of volunteer demand causing child trafficking into orphanages. Together with Nepali youth they took to the streets talking with international tourists and local business owners about how orphanage volunteering ultimately separates families under the misguided intention of ‘doing good’. To date Thomas and Olivia have raised almost $12,000 to support the work of Forget Me Not.

Can children participate?
Of course! The Colour Stampede is a family event for the whole community to enjoy.

Can I bring my pet?
Best leave pets at home for their own safety. Pets don’t really enjoy being colour bombed, even amongst hundreds of happy people!

How long is the course?
2.5 kilometres.  If you are keen you can run the course twice.

What do I need to bring?
Old clothes, a hat, comfortable old runners and sunglasses are a must.

Are wheelchairs and prams welcome?
Absolutely. However please note that the course is ‘off road’.

I can’t make the Colour Stampede, but I’d like to support Forget Me Not, how can I do this?
You can make a donation via Sticky Tickets OR if you want to double your donation our friends at The Intrepid Foundation will dollar match any donations made here.

I will be pushing a participant in a wheelchair, do I have to pay the registration fee?
No, carers who are assisting a participant may join the run free of charge, however only participants will be issued with colour and a t-shirt.

Is the colour safe?
We have awesome vollies who throw all the colours of the rainbow at you! The powder is non-toxic and free of any heavy metals. You can wear eye protection to be extra safe. Some people like to tie a bandana around their nose and mouth too.

Is the Colour Stampede safe?
We are super keen for the event to be one to remember for all the right reasons so we make sure all precautions are taken for the health and safety of participants and vollies. There is a First Aid tent if you need and our vollies will be easily identifiable and at your service.

Will the colour ruin clothes or running shoes?
Most of the colour will wash out but you should definitely wear items that you don’t might getting colourful! We reckon it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes if you want to make sure you don’t get any colour on the inside of your car – or just lay some towels.

Should I bring my camera/phone?
This is definitely the kind of thing you want to posting on your socials! It could be a good idea to pop your camera/phone in a zip lock bag or a protective dust cover. We are not liable for any damage – just so you know!

Is The Colour Stampede timed?
No way! Today is all about the FUN!!

What if I can’t make it?
We cannot issue refunds if the Colour Stampede is held as advertised. If you have tickets and can’t make it, please share the love and gift them to someone who could do with a fun day out! You are also more than welcome to email us and request to have the amount you spent on unused tickets re-allocated to Forget Me Not as a tax deductible donation.

What if the weather sucks?
A little rain never hurt anyone, so the Colour Stampede will go on – even brighter! We may make decisions to change the course or delay the start time, which we will let you know. In case of severe weather may have to cancel the event and you will be the first to know, via email. If the weather gets freaky whilst the event is underway, we will make announcements and rely on you to keep safe and follow instructions from our team.

Is there an obstacle course?
There is no obstacle course planned for this year but who knows what the future holds? The track is 2.5km cross country. It’s fun. Run it twice of you’re super keen!

Email us directly if you have more questions.